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Black Workers for Justice Statement on the FBI Raid on Uhuru Movement / African Peoples Socialist Party

We condemn the recent raid on Black liberation activists in St. Petersburg and St. Louis. It is a blatant and calculated attack on political and social forces that are opposed to US foreign policy, particularly the US/NATO instigation and support for
Ukraine in its war with Russia. Likewise, it is an attack on activists who challenge the war on Black America in the streets and through local elections. This attack is just the tip of the iceberg.

It should not go unnoticed that although many organizations oppose the US role in this war and either support Russia or attribute blame for the carnage to both sides, the US state has targeted the Black Liberation movement for its first round of repression.

Clearly our movement and justice minded people need no encouragement from anyone else to criticize and challenge the policy and practices of white supremacist national oppression and terror that our people have faced since they were
kidnapped from Africa. We have not needed anyone to encourage us to fight for Reparations. We fight against the exploitation of Black workers and other workers because of our lived conditions. And we organize to defend against police and vigilante murders and mass incarceration of our people because it is our families and neighbors who are being gunned down like animals or locked up in cages.

Rest assured that these attacks will continue against Black organizations that oppose US foreign policy across the globe, particularly in Africa, the Caribbean and Latin America. And those organizations fighting against poverty, police violence,
climate change, LGBTQ and reproductive rights can expect attacks and attempts at disruption.

While the media focus is on the white supremacist Jan. 6th insurrectionist, law enforcement agencies at all levels of government are actively engaged in the fight against political and social forces opposing capitalism in this moment of heightened economic, climate and political crisis.

Our response must be twofold. 1.Condemn the attacks, starting with those in Fla and Missouri. 2. Build a united front among all the social forces who oppose the rapidly growing forces of fascism both inside and outside of government. It is no exaggeration to say that our very lives depend on it.

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