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TALKING POINTS | Hands Off Uhuru! Hands Off Africa! Defense Campaign

What everyone needs to know about the U.S. government attack on the Uhuru Movement and the African liberation struggle:

  1. What happened on July 29, 2022?
    See the video of the attacks
    • On July 29th the U.S. government attacked the African People’s Socialist Party
      with a violent FBI attack on 7 offices and homes of APSP and Uhuru Movement,
      leaders including the home of Chairman Omali Yeshitela and Deputy Chair Ona
      Zené Yeshitela in St. Louis, the Uhuru House in St. Pete, the Uhuru Solidarity
      Center in St. Louis.
    • Chairman, Deputy Chair Ona Zené, and others were handcuffed with assault
      rifles pointed at them. The FBI used flash bang grenades, drones, battering rams,
      breaking down doors, windows, stealing property, computers, phones, files,

  2. The real basis for the attack
    • The Party was attacked because it has always fought for the liberation of Africa
      and African people everywhere and is a global anti-colonial organization.
    • This happens at a time when the Party and the Black Power Blueprint are at new heights of success after 50 years of relentless leadership fighting for
      African Liberation.
    • The FBI made the false, insulting allegations that the Chairman and the Party
      were under “Russian malign influence” in running African electoral candidates in
      the U.S. and in struggling against U.S. genocide against African people and for
      reparations. It goes without saying that no African person in the U.S. needs a
      Russian to tell them the conditions they face right here.
    • This attack on African people is a continuation of COINTELPRO, the U.S.
      government’s counterinsurgency to try to crush the African Liberation Movement.

  3. Our Movement’s powerful response: Hands Off Uhuru! Hands Off Africa!
  4. The African People’s Socialist Party continued all its work despite the attacks
    Through thousands of donations from supporters including white people paying reparations, the Party was able to successfully complete the Black community Basketball court, launch the African women’s doula program, paint the beautiful murals, maintain the community garden, the farmers market and many more projects of the Black Power Blueprint in St. Louis.

  5. Here’s what you can do:
    • Donate to the Hands Off Uhuru campaign at
    • Join the Hands Off Committee or start your own in your area
    • Sign the petition at Hands Off Uhuru!
    • Hold a fundraiser and/or print the flier!
    • Sign up for the Emergency Response!

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