Stop Regions Bank's Racist Attack on the Black Community

Boycott Regions Bank! Withdraw your money today! Support African self-determination!

Regions Bank is imposing economic sanctions on the nonprofit African People’s Education and Defense Fund (APEDF) in collusion with the FBI’s racist attack against the Uhuru Movement that began with violent raids on July 29, 2022. This attack impacts APEDF programs serving the African working class.

APEDF is the nonprofit formed by the Uhuru Movement in 1994 to defend the human and civil rights of the African community, and to build institutions and programs to address the grave disparities in health, education and economic development faced by African people including “food deserts.”

The APEDF track record speaks for itself. They have been leading community revitalization that benefits the African community, including employing African contractors, trades people and others in our community, and providing much needed services.

The FBI violently broke into seven Uhuru Movement institutions and homes in two states and stole materials under the bogus and racist allegations that “the Russians” are controlling the struggle for Black freedom. We are not guilty of any crime! Their attack threatens the 50 years of work to uplift the Black community through independent economic and political power, rather than charity and welfare slavery.

Regions Bank abruptly terminated a 20-plus year relationship, closing down APEDF accounts and demanding immediate payment of the $70,000 mortgage balance on the St. Louis Uhuru Jiko Bakery/Cafe building that will house the African Independence Workforce Program. Despite APEDF’s stellar credit, Regions is closing their lines of credit on which they owe nothing. Regions Bank is also terminating other Uhuru Movement accounts.

They’re closing off our ability to utilize the banks and government monies that are supposed to go to our community to advance investments that benefit our community!

The U.S. and its allies have always used financial attacks, sanctions and control of money to destroy the struggles of oppressed people for self-determination to feed, clothe and house ourselves. Regions’ high -level leadership has included a “former” FBI agent.

Black people are customers of Regions, so are thousands of white people who unite with the efforts of Black people to attain economic self-reliance and self-determination. APEDF is protecting all donations. Close your account today! Regions bank is sanctioning the black community. We must sanction Regions! 

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Outreach Materials

** Tuesday, March 28th @ 12pm CT **

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  1. Stop Regions Bank’s racist sanctions against the Black community!
  2. Stop Regions Bank’s racist attacks on APEDF’s community programs!

Take Action

  • Boycott Regions Bank! Bank-Run on Regions! Close your accounts.
  • Call-in to the Regions headquarters 205-326-5151 and state the demands during open hours. Go to your local Regions bank and state demands for CEO John Turner:
    • Stop Regions’ racist sanctions on APEDF! Support Black economic development!
  • Demonstrate at a Regions bank branch in your city and hand out this flier!
  • Join and assist in legal action against Regions at
  • Donate to the Hands Off Uhuru! Hands Off Africa! campaign.