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Sara Flounders, International Action Center, denounces FBI raid on Uhuru Movement

Sara Flounders of the International Action Center distributed the following email message concerning the July 29, 2022 raid on African People’s Socialist Party Chairman Omali Yeshitela and the Uhuru Movement.

TODAY there was an outrageous FBI attack on a national level in St. Petersburg, FL and in St. Louis, MO on the African People’s Socialist Party for their opposition to the U.S. war in Ukraine.

We need to collectively come to the defense of the Uhuru Movement APSP.

This is an FBI attack on a well known Black organization and on the entire movement against the U.S. war in Ukraine and the billions of dollars given to a fascist military and opposing sanctions on Russia.

It is outrageous and dangerous.

“During their investigation, the FBI carried out three court-authorized search warrants at what has been identified as the Uhuru House by multiple media outlets.”

In St. Louis they went into the APSP home with flash bang grenades at 5am!

The Anti-Globalization Movement of Russia sponsored a 2015 conference in Moscow focused on the fascist coup in Ukraine and in solidarity with the resistance in Donetsk and Luhansk in eastern Ukraine. Many progressive groups in the U.S. attended. This is not a crime. There are solidarity conference around the world.

In the period ahead mass petitions and denunciation of these gestapo tactics are needed.

This is an effort to paint all opposition to the U.S. war in Ukraine as paid Russian agents!

Let’s see what the Uhuru Movement asking people to do.

It is great that the Uhuru movement stood up to this FBI attack.

The news coverage quotes:

At a press conference in St. Petersburg, denouncing the attack the Uhuru Movement responded:

“We can have relationships with whoever we want to make this revolution possible,” said Eritha ‘Akile’ Cainion. We are in support of Russia.”

This is coverage of the FBI raid in St Louis:

FBI raid in St. Louis for Russian propaganda crackdown

“ST. LOUIS, Mo. – A FBI raid in St. Louis is connected to a federal indictment of a Russian man wanted for a political influence campaign targeting local elections. Chairman Omali Yeshitela and his wife were handcuffed while the raid took place in St. Louis. They said that they are not part of a Russian conspiracy.

“Federal and Florida officials alleged Friday that St. Petersburg’s Uhuru House was influenced by Russian intelligence to spread propaganda and influence a local election. They also raided the organization involved with the Solidarity Center on Gravois Avenue in St. Louis early Friday morning.

” The FBI conducted a raid in St. Louis at around 5:00 am in the 4400 block of Red Bud. Flashbang grenades were used to startle the people inside the home. They were told to come out with their hands up. The leader of the St. Louis chapter and his wife were handcuffed and waited outside while federal officers searched the house. They claim that the home was ransacked and computer equipment was removed.”

Let’s remember: “An injury to one is an injury to all.”

NO to FBI Raids!

We have a right to mobilize against U.S. imperialist wars.


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