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Troika Kollective stands in solidarity with the African People’s Socialist Party


The Troika Kollective denounces the FBI’s attacks on the African People’s Socialist Party
(APSP). We stand in solidarity with the APSP, who have been organizing in our communities
and have made many grassroots contributions that the U.S. government has not. We condemn
this McCarthyism 2.0, the repressive measures taken to silence the APSP and the continuous
acts of domestic terrorism perpetrated by the FBI. The latest example of intimidation and
censorship in violation of the First Amendment is the indictment of four APSP leaders including
their leader, Chairman Omali Yeshitela.

We uplift the ideology and words of Ghassan Kanafani: ‘Imperialism has laid its body over the
world, the head in Eastern Asia, the heart in the Middle East, its arteries reaching Africa and
Latin America. Wherever you strike it, you damage it, and you serve the World Revolution’.
We know who our enemies are and we have the right to organize with whomever we want to for
the liberation of African People and all oppressed people.

The APSP doesn’t have to apologize for fighting for justice for all oppressed people. This
government has and continues to spy on, jail and assassinate people for standing up for their

We are seeing the rise of McCarthyism once again here on Turtle Island. We only need to look
back a few decades to see the effects this had on working class people and organizers, some of
whom are still incarcerated on trumped up charges. This is the importance of knowing our
history. We have been here before and if we are not organized our movements will become a
graveyard and our revolutionary ideas and legacy will not be discovered by future generations.
So, no we will not be tricked into fearing communism, Russia, China, Cuba, Nicaragua ,
Venezuela or Palestine. Our enemy is a lot closer, right here in the Belly of the Beast. The so
called United States of America is our enemy and is the true enemy of the international working
class. In fact, I and many others here today were born as enemies to imperialism whether or not
we have realized it. It is not Russia or China that is raising our rent, limiting access to healthy
food, denying us free quality education or murdering our people like George Floyd and Jordan
Neeley, healthcare, those countries don’t determine whether we get paid a just & living wage.
Our rights should not be treated as privileges.

We adhere to the words of Fred Hampton: “Socialism is the people, if you fear socialism you
fear yourself.”

We are in solidarity & stand with our 4 comrades, the African People’s Socialist Party and the
international working class.

This latest attack on APSP is a campaign to continue to silence any and everyone who stands
against imperialism here on Turtle Island and abroad.

Amilcar Cabral said “you measure a people’s potential for liberation based on how different their
culture is from their oppressors.”

All power to the people. Pa’lante, siempre pa’lante!

In solidarity,

From Miami, FL, Los Angeles, CA & New York City, NY

Libre X. Sankara, Leadership of Troika Kollective

May 19th, 2023

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